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Queensway Cartridge Fountain Pen 1950’s

Queensway fountain pens seem to be rather rare on auction sites like Ebay but they were popular budget pens of the day often used as school pens. I bought this pen while I was at junior school when cartridge pens became all the rage and the thing to have in class back then. I recently… Continue reading Queensway Cartridge Fountain Pen 1950’s

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Platignum Regal Fountain Pen (1950’s)

There were quite a few Platignum fountain pens that carried the Regal name over the years. These two were made in the 1950’s and they were a fairly basic budget pen. It was replaced in the late 1950’s by a completely different Regal which was more top of the Platignum line. That model was a… Continue reading Platignum Regal Fountain Pen (1950’s)

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Hero 515 Fountain Pen Review

There have been quite a few reviews over the years of this pen with very differing opinions. I have had one for a couple of years now and recently purchased a second one  with rather surprising results. A great deal is made of how cheap these pens are and you can pick one up for… Continue reading Hero 515 Fountain Pen Review

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Platignum Calligraphy set and school pen Review

I have never really been into Calligraphy and don’t know anything much about it. Used to have handwriting lessons even at secondary school and even handwriting competitions but thankfully that was all. However, I was tempted when I saw this set on Ebay for £1 including postage! It was worth it just for the ink… Continue reading Platignum Calligraphy set and school pen Review