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Platignum Petite Fountain Pens 1950/60s

Clearly a couple of pens for the ladies. There were a number of different pens from Platignum using the Petite name. The top pen in the photograph is the 1960’s model although they were still around long after that. The pen at the bottom I have dated as 1950’s but they were still around in… Continue reading Platignum Petite Fountain Pens 1950/60s

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Erika 105 Typewriter Review

Above left 1977 model and right 1988. The only difference is in the carriage mouldings Erika typewriters always had a good reputation for producing excellent typewriters at the higher end of the market. Reviews of the earlier machines like the models 10, 11 and 12 that I have seen have always referred to them in… Continue reading Erika 105 Typewriter Review

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Typewriter Tabulators

Tabulations, Tears and Tantrums. Surprisingly, typewriters have made something of a comeback and quite a lot are sold every day on Auction sites like Ebay and such. Office typewriters always had tabulators but many portable machines do not. If you are looking to buy a typewriter do you really need a Tabulator at all then?… Continue reading Typewriter Tabulators