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Platignum Bijou Fountain Pen

One for the ladies perhaps, this Platignum Bijou from the 1950’s. More of a mid range priced pen in the Platignum range. It is often difficult to state the age of a fountain pen and I have seen these advertised as being from the 1940’s which I rather doubt unless it was the very late… Continue reading Platignum Bijou Fountain Pen

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Shorthand Pens

Thoughts on pens for shorthand, vintage, new and alternatives. Esterbrook fountain pen, made in the UK and fitted with Pitman’s Shorthand Nib 9128. Back in the day as  my daughter would say you could pop into just about any stationery shop and buy a suitable shorthand pen. Up to the 1970’s shorthand and typing was… Continue reading Shorthand Pens

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Platignum Cadet Fountain Pen Review

It is often difficult to date the manufacture of a pen. This pen is most probably 1970’s  or later, though it could be as early as late 1960’s and is one of a long line of Platignum models produced under the Cadet name. Platignum had a reputation of producing good budget range pens often aimed,… Continue reading Platignum Cadet Fountain Pen Review

1950's · 1960's · fountain pens · handwriting · nostalgia · Pens · Pitmans Shorthand · school · shorthand

Platignum Silverline Fountain Pen

A review of the 1960’s Silverline Fountain pen Platignum produced economical pens at the lower end of the fountain pen market in the United Kingdom from their factory in England. The factory closed in 1989 and although the name Platignum started to be used again in 2001 these pens have nothing in common with the… Continue reading Platignum Silverline Fountain Pen