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Gabriele and Me

gabriele grundig adv

We must have been together now for three years perhaps more. Like so many affairs it was a chance meeting. I had seen an Olympia SG9 typewriter for sale for five pounds, it looked immaculate so I bought it. I had to go and collect it so I promised the family a trip to the seaside. We do actually live only five miles from the coast but this was a one and a half hour trip, during which I just happened to mention collecting a typewriter there. When we arrived I saw Gabriele and it was, I think, love at first sight. Sitting beside the OLympia she looked immaculate and for only £5 I just couldn’t resist buying it. Now, I had used an Adler office machine many years ago, wrote some technical manuals on it but really couldn’t remember anything about it. Usually, you only remember the typewriters you didn’t like so must have been alright. dscf1750-gabriele-25The Adler Gabriele25 was recommended as a best buy in Which magazine in 1973. My Gabriele 25 was made in 1975. They were also sold as the Triumph Gabriele 25 and quite a number of other labels over the years. The Gabriele models were named after the grand daughter of Max Grundig, when the Grundig company bought out Triumph Adler in 1957.gabriele grundig and typewriter

The Gabriele has turned out to be one of my better purchases. It is sometimes difficult to describe the touch and feel of a typewriter but I often use this one at home. It makes a nice change to use different machines rather than stick with just one but if I had only one typewriter I would be quite happy with it. One of the few machines I enjoy spending the whole day using. I have written a short review of it under the typewriter review menu. There are few machines that I would recommend but I think this is one of them, especially if you can pick one up for £5!dscf1751-adler-gabriele-25




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