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The Empire Aristocrat Typewriter

dsc_0404-empire-aristocratMy 1959 Empire Aristocrat S2 model. The last Aristocrat was made at the Empire factory in West Bromwich, England in 1960.

I have been using this typewriter for over two years now and I thought maybe others might be interested in how it performs so I have written a short review of this popular lightweight portable machine which I often take with me on my travels. This should now  appear under the Typewriter Review menu and not here on the main part of the blog where I managed to publish it no less then twice. Clearly I have yet to master how to manage this site but I am working on it! I have become quite attached to this typewriter although I have several other lightweight portables this has definitely become my favourite one to take on my travels. At the end of the day, the best typewriter is the one  you feel most comfortable with and prefer using. It may well not be the one others think of the best typewriter, it is more of a personal thing. One problem has always been not being able to try several machines before buying. Hopefully, some may find my impressions of the Aristocrat helpful.



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