The Empire Types Back

type w 1cr Empire Baby de luxeThe Empire baby de luxe was made from 1935 until 1942. It was a Hermes Baby made under licence and it took quite some time until I found one I could afford. They made a lot of them and although many are still around, finding one is not easy. I never intended to collect typewriters but I was sorely tempted by some on Ebay and other places and by the time I finally got my baby I had four other typewriters. One of them was an Empire Aristocrat which is a later model from 1959 and a far superior machine. The only reason I wanted the Empire baby was because my first typewriter was one which was a present when I was nine. This typewriter was more of an influence on the rest of my life than anything else. Giving a typewriter to a child can be a dangerous thing, who knows where it might end. Writing poems, short stories and perish the thought even ending up as a journalist. I part exchanged my baby for an Erika typewriter when I started a commercial course when I was fourteen. Now I wanted an Empire baby again. I have written a short review of the machine which appears in the typewriter review list if anyone is interested.




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