The Yellow Peril

DSC_0383 blg Seiko SilveretteI bought the Seiko Silverette four years ago which we now affectionately call the Yellow Peril due to what we thought was the disgusting colour. It grows on you with time though and now I rather like it. It was the second typewriter I have had and at the time I was not looking to purchase a typewriter at all. I didn’t collect  typewriters then and I was quite happy with the one I had since I was fourteen.

The machine was purchased at a charity car boot sale on a miserable cold wet day and I felt I had to buy something from them. It had a £4 label but the stall-holder said call it £3. I said done and she said you probably have been! She said it had been bought on impulse and never really used. It was the closest thing to buying a new machine and it was in pristine condition and worked perfectly. My daughter asked why I had bought that disgusting yellow thing. Well it was a cold wet miserable day at the charity boot sale and………

If it is of any interest I have written a short review of it which should appear in the typewriter menu.


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