Left, Right and shorthand

DSC_0413 Osmiroid LH 299k

Well how many pens do you need? Assuming, of course, that you do not collect them in which case you will never have enough. I seem to have collected quite a few or rather I never threw them away and they just cluttered up the drawers in the writing desk. They were all bought new and for a purpose although what that was with some of them I haven’t a clue. The Osmiroid pen has a left handed nib. Try buying a left handed nib now! Yet it is said that one in ten is left handed and most shops seem to sell fountain pens with only medium nibs. Platignum used to sell pens which came with two nibs, left and right. Most left handed people use right handed nibs and have probably never even thought about it.

DSC_0415 2 Parker Slimfold 214

When my older brother and sister were taught handwriting at junior school everyone had to use their right hand. No problem there, then. It changed when I went to school and you could use either hand. That was fine for most of us but I could never make up my mind which hand to use so I used both.  I think the majority of left hand writers tend to slope the letters to the left or upright but just to be difficult mine slants to the right no matter which hand I use. Over the years I have tended to use my left hand but all but a couple of pens have right hand nibs and I rarely use them anyway. They don’t teach children how to hold a pen now but then they don’t teach handwriting either.

DSC_0398 Esterbrook M2 sh 328k

When I did shorthand we all started off with the dreadful dip in the ink pens just like junior school to practise the thick and thin outlines of Pitman’s shorthand. If you wanted to use a fountain pen then we were only allowed to use Esterbrook pens with a pitman nib, which I thought was rather expensive. So we all had two fountain pens now, one for longhand and one for shorthand. Ball point pens were banned in most schools back then. The most popular choice of fountain pens at schools were Platignum, not the cheapest by any means but they wrote well and didn’t leak. At my new private school I took a Parker Slimfold, not the best choice. It survived many nib first trips to the classroom floor but I kept it in my top blazer pocket and the clip broke. That was resigned to the school satchel and I had a Platignum, a Regal, I think it is. Good idea to have a reserve as if you run out of ink anyway. I now had three pens. Weekends I always carried my favourite pen, a green tortoiseshell Conway Stuart in my sports jacket. This was I think the most expensive pen I ever owned. It fell out of my jacket pocket and committed suicide under the wheels of a Bentley Continental. That pen had class if nothing else.

Now I usually carry a fountain pen because I like using it and a Parker ballpoint. I expect most people these days just carry a ballpoint. I would too but they always run out of ink when you want to use them.




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