The Coffee Bar Racer

This is the SCM Smith Corona GT Ghia and is as far as I know the only typewriter styled by Ghia, better known in the car world.


Does it do the ton? yes of course it does!

How fast does it go? Better than 120! Makes a really good sound too.

If it was a motorcycle it would not be out of place at the Ace Cafe in the sixties and seventies. It is rather difficult to take this typewriter seriously but we have done a review which should appear under typewriter reviews. It was an unwanted present for a teenage girl who used to accompany her uncle to club motor car race events where she recorded lap times and changed the tyres from road tyres to racing tyres for the practice laps and then to racing tyres for the race itself. No doubt getting slightly singed fingers changing the normal sparking plugs to racing ones and keeping the engine hot by keeping the revs up until the driver was ready. Being a motor head is one thing but wanting a typewriter with more in common to a car than a typewriter is another. She never used it and many who learned typing at school never did own their own typewriters either.

I couldn’t resist buying this for £5 and for another £4.80 had it delivered to avoid a long drive to pick it up.

As a thing of beauty in a world of drab coloured typewriters it has maybe a place just like the Olivetti Valentine. They are something a little different if nothing else. The performance of the GT (Grand Tourer?) is also something else!



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