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Sorry, it’s my first day

Over the last couple of years I have enjoyed reading the blogs of others. Some of my favourites should appear in a list here. Now I have decided to write one of my own. Not sure if anyone will ever read it but if they do I hope they will enjoy them as much as I enjoy reading others. This is my first day on the job and I will be making lots of mistakes and I still have not fathomed out how it all works. It will be about typewriters, pens and writing in general. I seem to have acquired quite a collection of fountain pens and typewriters although I never actually set out to do this. The Typewriter Reviews tab will be a review of machines DSC_0081 blg Erika 105often with the help of other typists. We were the ‘professional shorthand typists’ of the 1960’s. We call ourselves ‘Form Five Com’ com standing for commercial, our class number at school. Please try to take the reviews in the light hearted way they are intended. I don’t pretend to be an expert on typewriters, just somebody who had their first typewriter when they were nine and has been using them for over half a century. I am a typist, not a collector as such and one of my pleasures in life is just to sit in front of a typewriter and type away. I am typing this on my newest typewriter an Erika 105 made in 1989. My oldest typewriter is an Empire baby de luxe from 1939 a machine the same as I was given on my 9th birthday. The baby is being used to type, at my wife’s insistence, what I sincerely hope to be the last book I will write. This is just for family friends and I thought it would be fitting to end the way I first started on an Empire baby. I will stop now before you become brain dead through boredom. I promise to do better next time to please give me a second chance. This is really just to get this blog thing started.


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